If you are looking to use your rotary laser outdoor or in a massive room, you will need a rotary laser receiver to detect the laser. Neither red or green beam laser work in outdoor environment which made rotary laser receivers essential to compliment your rotary lasers.

If you are looking for a rotary laser level, all of those on offer from Maxiline come with a digital receiver. You will not need to purchase a separate receiver here if you are also looking for a rotary laser level.

In case your rotary laser receiver failed, or you have bought a rotary laser that did not include a receiver for outdoor, you have come to the right place. Please consider the colour of your laser level before purchasing as not all of the receivers can be used for both red and green beam laser.

Features from Maxiline

Rotary laser receivers from The Laser Tool Specialist can be used for almost all rotary laser levels on the market, including Spectra, Topcon and Leica. The working radius varies from 200m to 300m which should suit typical needs. Our receivers also feature wide reception window to ease your work day.

Receivers in the range include brackets or mounts to aid fixing on the wall. More advanced models provide additional features including long battery life, auto power off and accuracy less than 1mm.

Promises from Laser Tool Specialist

Searching across the country, Maxiline strives to bring the most trusted brands in laser levelling to our customers while keeping the products affordable. We are proud to offer free shipping to every postal codes in Australia as the premier supplier and distributor of laser level products in Australia.

Our experts are available at 03 8555 9545 to aid you finding the best tools. Please don’t hesitate if you require any information on a particular product or advices to choose the right product for you. Our tailored service can help to choose based on price, specification, use-case and more.

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