We take laser differently in Maxiline. As the laser tools specialist in Australia, we stock only quality laser precision products for you and your business. With accuracy as the key and essential feature of all red beam lasers, Maxiline strategically sources our manufacturers to offer affordability as well.

All red beam rotary lasers below are provided from renowned brands within the industry. Made by Australian manufacturers, all products follow the Australian safety standards with exceptional quality. This ensures the safety of the users and others nearby while upscaling your building project to the highest standard.

Australia-wide free shipping

You heard us right. As the premier supplier and distributor of laser level products in Australia, we are proud to deliver our products to every postcode in Australia. So, you can sit back, browse, pay and your laser level will be on its way in no time.

Boosting our affordability up a notch, Maxiline offers free postage to every address as well. Therefore, the money you spent go straight to the product with no fuss.

Why red beam rotary laser levels?

Being the one of the colour options of laser levels other than green beam, the wavelength of red light is very noticeable to human eyes yet no harmful despite being looked straight at. We still advise not to stare into the laser beam. But occasional strikes or the laser line on the wall are safe to use.

A rotary laser level is great for indoor applications in offering a level line around the entire room. All of our rotary laser levels come with a digital receiver or a laser detector for outdoor usage. Our red rotary laser range all features self-levelling for frequent relocation of the laser level without the need of constant re-levelling.

Maxiline additions

Other than the digital receiver, our rotary laser levels can be bought with tripod and wall mount to maximise the use of the level. Our advanced models also come with remote control, rechargeable batteries, red target, red glasses and a carrying case as a complete starter or upgrade package for a red beam rotary laser level.


As the laser tool specialist, Maxiline is highly equipped with knowledge to help find the best rotary laser level for you. Our experts are available to call at (03) 8555 9545 in business hours to solve your difficulties. In case of requiring more information on products, or purchasing advices, please do not hesitate to contact Maxiline – the Laser Tool Specialist.

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